Ryerson teams deserve some student respect

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Opinion by Sean Fitz-Gerald

I’m not a particularly big fan of sports columns. At best, they’re space filler when a story falls through. At worst, they’re a pathetic rant full of useless pap by someone who should know better.

This isn’t a space filler. This is the first and last editorial you will see with my name on it.

So what moves me to such levels of obvious hypocrisy? What would make me use precious inches of this paper that could be better filled with a game report or a feature?

It’s about Ryerson basketball. No, make that Ryerson students.

I planned to write a well-thought-out and researched essay about how Ryerson basketball teams constantly fight bigger schools with more support, both with fans and funds.

But fuck it.

This section has spent the past six months illustrating how it is almost a miracle that any team in any sport wins anything at this school.

We’ve delved into how Ryerson athletes’ funding is a pauper’s pittance compared to just about every school it competes against. We’ve looked into how hard it is just to get decent student athletes in here. We’ve done six months worth of game stories that have documented the basketball teams’ slow climb into playoff contention.

But fuck how both the men’s and women’s teams are still clawing their way to the playoffs.

Fuck how 40 or so athletes throw their asses out on the court in Kerr Hall every night just to represent their school. Fuck how they do it and still have the energy to study, keep a part-time job, to stay in school and represent you.

Fuck how hard the athletics department has worked to promote the games, and get your asses out there. Forget about it.

If you fear the quality of the basketball being played is boring, or not worthy of your time, you’re wrong.

Non-basketball folk and fans alike at this very rag have been slowly drawn out to games. People, like you, who never gave a flying fuck about sports in general, and basketball in particular at this school have become rabid fans. One editor can’t even wait until the websites are updated to learn the scores of the teams’ away games.

True, both teams had a shitty weekend trip to Quebec and both have put their post-season aspirations on the edge of the shithouse toilet seat. But wins this weekend at HOME against Carleton and Ottawa could put them both back in the race.

I’ve been following these teams for more than three years now. This group is the most exciting bunch I’ve ever seen.

I’ll be in Kerr Gym this Friday and Saturday. The women play at six and the men play at eight both nights.

They’re the last two home games this season. It’s free. It’s close. It’s exciting. I don’t like to waste this space, so show the fuck up.

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