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Power boost helps rock the house

By Maureen Rice

The Thomas Lounge in Oakham House got a surge of power recently. It came from an increased electrical capacity that powered two exciting nights of RyeSAC’s battle of the bands.

Traditionally, battle of the bands has taken place in the Hub. But this year RyeSAC v.p. administration Jason Power used Oakham because the Hub was booked.

This meant installing better electrical systems, which cost RyeSAC $400, while renting the sound equipment cost $1800. RyeSAC also threw in meals and drinks for five judges both nights, making the total more than $2,300, using up the remainder of Power’s budget for this year.

The ballooning costs of the event prompted RyeSAC organizers to recommend cheaper equipment for next year’s battle.

RyeSAC wants to make other changes to the competition that have nothing to do with money. The include holding the event on consecutive nights — this year it ran March 9 and 16 — and improving the expertise of the judging panel, which had only one music industry representative this year.

Jennifer Long of RyeSAC, who helped organize the event, also hopes to book some of the battle of the bands contestants for other Ryerson events — “especially the winning band,” she says. “We’ll probably be booking them for some time on the [Oakham] patio next year.”

Although this year’s winner, the Red Eyed Tree Frogs, wasn’t guaranteed a spot in Ryerson’s annual parade and picnic like in previous years, they will be considered. The events committee will make their decision this summer.

Power envisions the battle of the bands, and other concerts, someday taking place at tithe upcoming Student Centre. But Long says the $400 electrical upgrade in Oakham will be used for at least one more battle of the bands.

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