More security needed, says business school

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By Adam Eisner

Vandalism and theft in the Business Building has the faculty worried the building is no longer safe to work in.

Office doors on the eighth floor, including the business dean’s door, were damaged more than two weeks ago. That incident is part of a growing list of security concerns, says Lee Maguire, associate dean of the school of business management.

In September, thieves made off with a new $20,000 projector in broad daylight. Later in the semester, a bathroom was flooded when all of the sink taps were removed.

Maguire said the faculty is getting ged up with the crime, and more security officers are needed to patrol the building.

“There really is no security here. Ryerson doesn’t seem to think it’s a priority to keep their people safe,” he said. “You can’t have an excellent education in a crummy environment.”

But Janet Mays, director of campus equity, harassment and safety services, said hiring more security officers will not guarantee a decrease in occurrences.

The business school asked administration to post a permanent security guard at the building’s entrance, but Mays said Ryerson doesn’t have enough officers to fulfill the request.

To help lessen faculty’s concerns, security has helped the school establish a volunteer student watch to patrol the building on weekdays.

While Mays said the business school’s security problems aren’t greater than other buildings on campus, she agreed with Maguire that part of the problem is the building’s proximity to Yonge and Dundas Streets, one of the highest crime areas in the city, Toronto police say.

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