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Erin George – President

Job: George is responsible for managing RyeSAC’s affairs and operation and ensuring all of council’ commissioners, directors and vice-presidents carry out their duties.  “A large part of the job is making sure the environment of RyeSAC is conducive to meeting the needs of students,” she says. 

Budget: $3.2 million

Salary: $26,000 + benefits

Hours per week: 40 required

Call her when: You have needs.

Vladimir Vasilko – V.P. Finance 

Job: Vasilko monitors RyeSAC’s financial operations and allocates student funds to different student programs and services.  “I have to play with the numbers and ask every group if they can survive with those figures.  But you can’t please everyone.”

Budget: $3.2 million

Salary $17,000 + benefits

Hours per week: 32 required

Call him when: A big guy’s going to break both your legs if you don’t pay your drug debts.


Corey Wright – V.P. Academic

Job: Wright deals with education issues within and outsie Ryerson — acting as a liaison with the Canadian Federation of Students, developing campaigns and strategies to promote students’ needs.  “My number one responsibility is defending students’ access to quality education,” he says.

Budget: $22,500

Salary: $17,000 + benefits

Hours per week: 32 required

Call him when: Your parents are going to kill you because you’re about to be kicked out of school.


Atif Asghar – V.P. Administration

Job: Asghar is responsible for planning the two-week orientation in September, weekly events at the pub and monitoring the activities of Ryerson’s more than 60 student groups and course unions.  Asghar says he knows how to sell RyeSAC to students and the outside community – but he doesn’t want that to mean he’s selling out.  “We don’t want students having to stare at posters of a company and being a major presence at an event,” he insists.

Budget: $53,600

Salary: $17,00 + benefits

Hours per week: 32 required

Call him when: You want free beer at the Ram in the Rye.

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