In need of a worthy leader

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By Shane Dingman

Nobody likes a tattler, and even fewer people like a smartass. But I’m afraid I’m going to talk out of school about our RyeSAC president, Erin George.

What you need to hear about is George’s plans for the Women’s Centre.

The skinny is that the Women’s Centre has long been one of the toughest take-no-prisoners, bow-to-no-oppression lobby groups on campus.

If those fine females at the Women’s Centre’s collective want something, then by gum, they get it. This is a political reality, not a broadside.

Part of the reason these women are so successful is their capo di tuti capo, their coordinator.

The person holding this position changes almost every year, but I recall two prominent examples of stellar agitators, Samantha Lamb and Daljeet Kaur.

This year, there is no coordinator at the Women’s Centre. The last person hired for the job quit last month, before her term officially started.

Bad luck all around, but this in and of itself is not the problem.

The deal is that George has long wanted to make changes to the Women’s Centre, RyePRIDE and the Community Food Room, which are all RyeSAC services.

They have big old budgets, at least two work-study stuff apiece , and no central focus or cooperation.

Time to fulfill some campaign promises about better governance, eh?

George and Denis Loney, RyeSAC’s executive assistant, admit part of thee plan is to axe the coordinator and create a single über coordinator for all three.

Now George is not a snake — she’s as earnest as they come.

But she realizes it would be a lot easier to shake things up without a coordinator who’s fighting for her job.

So RyeSAC has not bothered to hire a new one. D’oh!

Long story short, it’ll be a lot of fun if a new coordinator is hired in time for Round One of the restructuring talks slated for month’s end.

Better get crackin’.

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