Singing – and dancing – in the rain

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By Kim Fletcher

So, you think that entertainment is hard to find at school? (no, your games at Oakham House don’t count.) Well, where were you last Tuesday when CKLN, Ryerson’s community radio station hosted its first ever street party?

In front of Ryerson’s main entrance, across from Lake Devo, the party was part of this year’s FROSH week festivities.

The rain couldn’t evenruin the excitement of the organizers, and the students who gathered to listen to the variety of beats spun by 10 different DJ’s, positioned above the main entrance of Jorgenson Hall.

“I started playing some rain music then I started getting into my groove,” DJ Jason Spanu said. “It’s great to have the opportunity to play at Ryerson. There is no better way to gain access to the students than by teaching them about music.”

Gerald Belanger, advertising director of CKLN, is also a DJ. He was excited about being a part of FROSH week. “We are buried in the back of the school and we want Ryerson to know we are here to provide them with the beats for the end of the century,” Belanger said.

“It’s great that Ryerson has taken the chance to provide some excitement for the students which allows them to enjoy themselves while learning about what the school has to offer,” Belanger said.

As the rain began to let up, students started congregating below Jorgenson Hall to listen to the music, and it wasn’t long until they started dancing. In addition to great music, free prizes, like CDs, t-shirts and CKLN stickers, were handed out, and students were given the opportunity to talk to the DJ’s.

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