Student fights fees

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By Kevin Ritchie

Andrew Barnsley is ticked off about paying late fees on unpaid tuition — and he has launched a letter-writing campaign to complain about it.

Barnsley, a post-graduate RTA student, is upset Ryerson charges 1.5 per cent interest on unpaid tuition. Only 60 per cent of OSAP loans are doled out in September, making it difficult to pay all the money up front.

That means students who pay the full amount in September are paying less than those who need financial aid, he says.

RyeSAC v.p. education Cory Wright agrees.

“If the government gives 60 per cent, then Ryerson should expect 60 per cent,” Wright said.

David Sigal, manager of student fees and cashiers, said he looked into the problem and found Ryerson’s policy consistent with those of other universities. Ryerson waives the late charge until October, as does York University and the University of Toronto.

Wright intends to do his own research on the subject and raise the issue with student governments across Ontario.

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