Tired women’s team trounced

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By Steve Petrick

When the Ryerson Rams women’s soccer team charged through the week, they lost a few legs on the way.

Against Universty of Toronto on Sunday, they had only one bench player and found themselves gasping for air in the second half. Three late goals by the Blues resulted in a 3-0 loss. The Rams are now 0-4 in the season.

The loss came a day after the Rams were decapitated by the Ottawa Gee Gees 9-0, and four days after a heart-breaking 3-2 to Trent.

Against U of T, Ryerson didn’t have a serious scoring chance. The whole game was played deep in their end.

Last year, the women’s team went the entire season without a win. With this weekend’s losses, the Rams’ losing streak extends to — oh for fuck’s sake who knows … it could be as old as the rundown Varsity Stadium where they played Sunday.

Saturday’s beating from the Gee Gees cost the Rams more than two points. Goalkeeper Nathania Dashner got a bruised thigh and was unable to play, which meant the Rams’ already thin roster would have to shrink even more.

Her replacement, Laura Bainbridge, eased the pain. Normally a striker, Bainbridge stopped a flurry of shots to help keep the score respectable.

Rams coach Jon Sanderson knew it was a rough weekend, but decided to look at the positives.

“At the of the first half, I told them to pat themselves on the back. That’s the first scoreless half they’ve had all year. You can’t go from worst to first right way. You have to build on little things.”

The Rams have a young squad. Only six from last year’s roster have returned to play this year.

And their young defence core has taken a beating so far — being outscored 23-3.

The few veterans on the team have taken on the challenge of moulding the new crew into experienced players. “Right now, because there are so few vets it’s important to have a positive outlook,” says Isabel Campbell, a striker in her second year. “Even if you play like crap you have to make sure you take something from it, because you don’t want to get discouraged.”

The Rams hope this fall their losing streak, like Varsity Stadium, will collapse. On Wednesday, Sept. 22 they take on York at 6 p.m. at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough.

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