Leaky roof, brown water won’t last

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By Paul Miazga

Students won’t be bothered by leaky roofs and contaminated water for long, according to an official responsible for facilities.

Water dripped from the ceiling at several locations in Kerr Hall during last week’s rainstorm, closing some hallways. As a result, Ian Hamilton, director of campus planning and facilities, has tendered contracts for roof repairs. Since the roofs are maintained on a deferred maintenance schedule, administration waits until there’s a problem before taking action.

Roof leaks weren’t the only nuisances on campus last week. Third-year theatre student Jamie Duncan got a face full of muck — corroded metal and repair effluent from local construction work — from a drinking fountain West Kerr Hall.

Hamilton said nearby construction on Sept. 30 had purged the lines of built-up sediment and corrosion when the lines were shut off and turned back on. The university was not warned of the work, Hamilton said, and the fountains are now working fine.

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