Student tells of her partying experience

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By Jonathan Bjerg Moller

A Ryerson student who attended this weekend’s fatal rave says she will keep on raving.

“It hits close to home for sure,” said Heather Briggs, a second-year fashion student.

Briggs said she didn’t notice when a 21-year-old Ryerson business student was rushed to hospital early Sunday morning because of a drug overdose. He died later that day.

Incidents such as this one will make Briggs think twice about raving. It won’t make her stop going though.

“Not this alone,” she said. “Not this isolated incident.”

Briggs said the incised did affect her because she has to think more about safety and the people around her.

But in the end, she said each person should know his or her own limits.

Briggs believes the media has unfairly portrayed the rave culture. She points out that a person who gets drunk and dies doesn’t receive the same attention as a person who uses drugs and dies.

While she acknowledges drugs area part of the rave scene, she ways for her and her friends it’s about the music.

“The music is a strong love for everyone that I go with. It’s such an experience,” she said. “Raves are about peace, love, unity and respect.”

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