They came to see my dick

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By Lisa Gosling

Do you know how to find and stimulate a woman’s clitoris? Students who went to Oakham House last Thursday evening learned how to do that and more.

They were expecting to see an entertaining play with a lot of adult content, but they came out having learned some important lessons.

The crowd of about 50 people went to see entertainer Norman Nawrocki’s one-man comedy entitled My Dick and Other Manly Tales. As they sat in their seats, forming a semi-circle around the stage, they waited eagerly for the show to begin. It started 17 minutes late.

After a brief introduction from RyePRIDE president Philip Wong, who promised the show would be “less offensive than what you would see on late-night TV.” Nawrocki took the stage dressed as an elderly woman named Mrs. Robinson.

She then had the audience do a warm-up exercise where they stimulated the ends of their noses with the tips of their index fingers. It was a way of showing the audience the proper way of stimulating a woman’s private part.

Throughout his 50-minute performance, Nawrocki alternated between six other characters: Richard, who talks about his sexual experience when he prematurely ejaculated on a woman’s stomach; Jerry, Richard’s cousin who realizes he is gay; Chris, Jerry’s friend who is homophobic; Jerry’s father, who disowns his son when he learns of his homosexuality; Dr. Dick Riviera, who gives advice about sex to the male members in the audience; and Dick Head, who endorses products such as the Love Yourself glove, the one-eyed bed snake, the seven-foot penis and the body condom.

The audience enjoyed Nawrocki’s performance, often responding to his lines with laughter, and sometimes gasps of shock.

In the end, Nawrocki clearly conveyed his message to the audience. “Never assume everyone in your group is going to turn out straight,” he said. He also said to be open and honest, love yourself and others and learn to listen, not judge. Nowrocki also placed heavy emphasis on safe sex.

Aside from the play, Nawrocki also performs in a “rock-and-roll cabaret band” called Rhythm Activism. Their last CD, Jesus Was Gay, was released in 1998. The question is not whether the title is true.

“I don’t know if Jesus was gay,” he said. “Does it matter? Should it matter?”

Nawrocki is currently in the middle of a national tour of 30 colleges and universities.

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