New cheer group trying to make noise

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By Marie Clarke

Bleachers at Ryerson sporting events won’t stay quiet and empty much longer, says the Grand Pooh-Bah of the Water Buffaloes, a new student group.

The Water Buffaloes were approved by RyeSAC in mid-November as a new group to rally school spirit around sporting events, but since then they have attended only one hockey game—the one televised OnTV, Nov. 20.

“It isn’t because we aren’t getting people,” Bolanos, a third-year mechanical engineering student, said. “It’s just been a complete case of bad timing.”

Bolanos said by the time the group was formed last semester, exams were creeping up and many were too busy to attend games.

This semester, he said he will try to meet with athletic department staff members to plan a cheer schedule for varsity games. And the group will attend playoff games on the road if the school provides transportation, Bolanos said.

Ryerson athletes, who usually play in front of sparse crowds, would welcome having the Water Buffaloes at more home games.

“The mascot doesn’t really get the crowd going,” Bill Crowdis, a forward on Ryerson’s men’s basketball team said. “The Water Buffaloes would be good if they could help him out.”

Even though Ryerson’s men’s basketball team is the third ranked team in Canada, only 47 students showed up to the last home game.

“Ryerson needs more students at events,” said Chris Bryantowich, special events and facility specialist for the athletic department. “The Water Buffalo’s presence at the hockey game was good—great with the interaction with Eggy.”

The group plans to recruit more members in Jorgensen Hall this week. Joining the group is free but the blue and yellow club hate costs $11. Students from all programs are welcome to join.

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