Rye joins equipment donation drive

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By Natalie Alcoba

Old sports equipment from Ryerson students is being sent to the Northwest Territories as part of a new program to help some poverty-stricken towns.

The program is called Sports Partnership between Universities and Northern Communities (SPUNC) and was started by the daughters of Ryerson data librarian Sue Giles. Audrey Giles, a student at Queen’s, and Sarah Giles, a student at Dalhousie, developed the program after spending a summer working in the Northwest Territories and witnessing the effects of poverty in person.

Ryerson is one of eight universities participating by gathering equipment from varsity teams and other members of the community.

Ryerson liaison for the program Malia Herold, a third-year new media student is asking students and faculty to donate old equipment they don’t need. This will add to what’s already been compiled by varsity teams and the RAC. She said there will be an equipment drop-off box at the entrance of the RAC from Wednesday, March 15 to the end of March.

A member of Ryerson soccer and squash teams, Herold believes sports can give people more confidence and hopes the Ryerson community will rise to the challenge of helping others.

“So many of have so much,” she said. “I know someone has an old basketball in their garage. Why have it sitting there, or thrown out if other kids can use it?”

Any equipment is appreciated, but basketball volleyballs, footballs, old skates, soccer shin pads or hockey is especially needed.

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