Stairs under repair

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By Louie Diaz Jr. 

Minor leaks on the front steps of Jorgenson Hall’s north and south entrances will take $50,000 and about a month to repair.

The leaks forced the university to waterproof the stairs on the north side, and when construction crews are done, they’ll be doing the same to the south stairs.

The repairs will be covered under Ryerson’s deferred maintenance fund, said Ian Hamilton, Ryerson’s director of campus planning and facilities.

Workers from Macdero Parking Garage and Building Restoration have blocked off the area with a temporary chain-link fence while the stairs are being repaired.

Kevin Tripp, the construction site’s foreman, said his crew of four will completely strip down the deteriorating staircase, pour new concrete and lay down rubberized asphalt to stop any water leaks.

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