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By John Qubti

Ryerson may not have the luscious green space of York University or the University of Toronto, but, when it comes to graduate programs, Rye High can hold its own against the big schools.

“Academically, it’s in sync with York,” said Lisa Morgan, who studied social sciences and criminology at York before enrolling in the communications and culture graduate program at Ryerson. “I just miss the grass on campus.”

Morgan is one of 50 graduate students working on master’s degrees at Ryerson this year, studying either communications and culture—a joint program between Ryerson and York University—spatial analysis—offered with the University of Toronto—or environmental applied science and management.

It’s the first time Ryerson has offered graduate studies in its 52-year history and, one month in, the soon-to-be scholars say the university has a good approach to graduate studies.

Glen Kien, who is also in the communications and culture program, said he isn’t worried about getting his master’s degree from Ryerson, a school not known for its post-graduate reputation.

“After spending time at York, the hands-on approach of Ryerson is something I’m not used to,” he said. “But I’m learning to like it.”
Charles Zamaria, a radio and television arts professor, has taught at Ryerson for nine years and plans to finish his graduate degree here while on a paid sabbatical from the school.

He enjoys the challenge of the communications and culture program.

“Graduate studies are excellent for any instructor, and it’s great karma,” he said.

Zamaria is impressed with the calibre and intensity of his fellow graduate students. “The students here blew me away with their knowledge, intelligence and passion for their work.”

A master’s guide to grad programs at Ryerson

Communications and Culture (Ryerson and York): Students take courses in media and culture, politics and policy and applied perspectives

Spatial Analysis (Ryerson and U of T): The focus of the course is on georgraphical information systems used by all sort of private sector companies.

Environmental Applied Science and Management (Ryerson): Students learn skills related to environmental science, environmental management systems and decision-making.

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