Campus centre moves ahead

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By Jonathan Colford

The preliminary cost estimates for the Ryerson student centre have come in 25 per cent over budget, RyeSAC president Odelia Bay announced last Thursday.

The price of the Gould Street building, which will be built beside Oakham House, was originally projected at $11 million. Bay called the estimates a “very very ballpark figure.” She said the predictions for security and material costs were among the highest.

“[The initial costing] is based on assumptions made on the building,” Bay said Thursday. “We’re re-examining some of the assumptions.”

“It’s unheard of that first costings will come in under budget,” she said.Plans for a student centre have been around for nearly 40 years. The project has been around delayed over several times over such things as funding and administrative squabbles. The student campus centre committee announced last year they had selected Carruthers Shaw Architects to design the building.

Student centre commissioner Chris Jones said Thursday that he plans to hold several events with students to publicize the project. “I think it’s time to let students know this empty lot isn’t just an empty lot,” he said.

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