Group to challenge RyeSAC

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By Wojtek Dabrowski

A group calling itself Students Against RyeSAC says it’s planning to mobilize opposition against the student government and pressure its leadership to change the way it represents students.

A spokesperson for the group said students are fed up with RyeSAC’s involvement in “the destruction of private property,” referring to the anti-government protest in Toronto’s financial district on Oct. 16.

“(RyeSAC president Odelia Bay) and her thugs used our money in support of it,” the unnamed spokesperson said in a statement.

“How can they even think that the students of this school support this garbage?” the spokesperson asked.

A poster depicting Bay, RyeSAC v.p. Finance and development Ken Marciniec and v.p. education Alex Lisman with their faces crossed out has been circulating through the school. The poster also accuses RyeSAC of jeopardizing the university’s integrity.

“We are aware of the poster and we’d like for people to come and talk to us about their concerns,” Bay said.

“I think it’s healthier to have a dialogue,” she said.

No one has claimed direct responsibility or affiliation with SAR. However, an email sent to The Eyeopener was signed with the initials “D.C.”

RyeSAC’s v.p. student life and events Darren Cooney, the only face not included in the SAR poster, said he knew nothing of the group.

In the e-mail, the group says the identity of its organizers will eventually come to light. SAR also hints at unspecified political action planned for RyeSAC’s semiannual meeting Nov. 20.

Decisions about RyeSAC’s structure and policies are made at the meeting.

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