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Well, mine were broken, dammit

On Nov. 7, a non-community member entered the premises and unhooked a speaker from a sound system. Then on Nov. 11, a vehicle was broken into in the parkade and a pair of speakers were taken. Then I hooked the speakers up to my stereo. My CDs were skipping, so I thought, maybe a new set of speakers would do the trick. Turns out that has something to do with the CD laser, not the quality of the speakers. Guess I’ll have to pawn them on the corner of Sherbourne and Queen.

Payphones aid Security

Did you know you can phone Security from Bell pay-phones? I honestly had no idea!

But where would it go by itself?

On Nov. 6, a student reported that her wallet was missing. She left it in the washroom, then when she went back to get t, it was gone! Just vanished into thin air. Clearly this was not the work of criminals, as Ryerson is virtually crime free, minus the occasional speaker theft. No, the wallet had to have misplaced itself. Maybe it was exploring the restroom and it fell in a toilet, and then someone flushed that toilet! Maybe it was stolen. Jebus Krist.

Rye Security saves the day…

On Nov. 10, one Security member was chasing a non-community member who was a theft suspect. Another Secruity officer saw what was going on and sprung into action! The second officer (slightly taller and more handsome than the first one) saved the day with his cunning intellect and stoic good looks. He was awarded a blue and gold star (the always fashionable Ryerson colours) for bravery, while the first officer was fired for not being nearly as beautiful or clever. This may be a slight exaggeration on the actual events of Nov. 10.

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