Let’s go on an adventure: new society

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By Malena Ogryzlo-Harbers

If the feeling of dirt beneath your feet and fresh air blowing in your hair gets your adrenaline pumping, the Adventure Society just might be your niche.

The newest Oakham House society is geared toward individuals seeking a little adventure outdoors, between the often monotonous hours of school and work.

“It is a community of people who just get together and do things they’ve never tried before,” says society president Andrea Rodgers. “Because otherwise people don’t make time for it in their busy lives.”

The club was founded this January by Rodgers, a third-year business management student who came up with the idea with a fellow classmate one year ago.

“I was really interested in taking up sports that I hadn’t tried yet, and I thought this society would be a good excuse to get people from different faculties together and share in the fun,” she says.

Winston Lau, a third-year marketing student and vice president of the club, was engaged by the idea of a group of people braving the outdoors after a presentation on the subject by Rodgers in an entrepreneurship class.

News of the idea spread by word of mouth and eventually a group of five executives began working on planning, advertising and fundraising for the society, which is non-profit and receives limited assistance from RyeSAC.

“Our goal is to build a large member base and have the society last forever,” says Lau.

But, so far the club does not officially have any members.

The first meeting of the Adventure society will be held on January 31 at 6 p.m. at Oakham House and welcomes anyone interested.

Rodgers says she is expecting about 20 to 30 people to attend, but stresses that it doesn’t matter how many people show up because the goals for the society will still be the same.

Members will be able to share ideas at the meetings, and will be encouraged to help find corporate sponsorships and ways of fundraising to finance the trips.

The executives have been busy planning trips for the semester. A ski trip to Blue Mountain, organized with RyeSAC, is set for January 25, and an indoor rock climbing trip and a rafting trip are just some of the events in the works.

Lau stresses that there is no experience required for any of the club’s activities; in fact the club is geared towards those curious about learning new skills.

“It is not necessarily an extreme sport club, we can go hoking and camping too,” says Rodgers.

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