Putting the ‘Shhh’ in Shtupid

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By Shane Dingman

The style of ruling by paranoia has won much public acclaim in recent years, even though it’s hideous and dangerous behaviour. The Chretian regime has been more cavalier than paranoid, but equally jealous of the privacy of its internal decisions. The Feds, like the beasts in Queen’s Park, have to be arm-locked into discussing any real motivation for their actions. The Ontario experience has also been one of absolutist chauvinism. It sometimes looked like municipal governments were feudal vassals to the all-powerful and capricious diktats and fiat’s from the Premier’s office.

At least when the elected’s do it, there is the excuse of partisanship. Those evil oppositionista’s merely want to use our every utterance against us in the next election. But when this spirit of authoritarian secretism downloaded itself onto the psyche of Ryerson administration, those of us used to amicable relations with the university were confused and appalled. It’s not like the students are an opposition party/ voters bloc who have the power to popularly elect the administration. There aren’t enough student positions on the board of governors to allow student opinion to alter the course of the Ryerson elites (though there are vastly more of us concerned with the wellbeing of the school than there are managers, staff and faculty types and political boardroom goblins who dominate the BOG).

So why then do ostensibly reasonable university professionals go into rabid wolverine mode when we want to know more about the new architect of the Ryerson Centre for Computing & Engineering (maybe because they blew it with the internationally famous one)? But come on, why can’t they disclose the final resting place of day-old muffins (we were stonewalled on that info request too). The killer is, it makes everyone think there’s something to hide, so we go nuts trying to figure it out, when if they just grew a frontal love and used some common sense and social skills we’d all get along a lot better.

If this keeps on, The Eyeopener promises to hand out the Giant Penis award to the administrator most recalcitrant and boorish in their denials of simple pubic information. And if you think that’s just balderdash come on down and view our six foot cock.

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