Employed grads mean cash for Rye

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By Andy Lloyd

Ryerson’s popularity is finally paying off.

The university will receive $852,900 in performance-based funding from the Ontario government this year. Last Friday, Dianne Cunningham, Ontario’s Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, announced how the $23.2 million performance fund will be divided among the province’s 20 universities.

Universities were evaluated on three key performance indicators: the percentage of students who graduate, the percentage of graduates employed within six months of graduation and those employed two years after graduation.

Six months after graduation, 94 per cent of Ryerson’s grads were employed. After two years 97 per cent had found work. The university’s graduation rate however, was only 64 per cent. Those figures placed Ryerson ninth out of Ontario’s universities.

Cunningham believes these criteria give “a clear picture of the quality of education received at our universities and how they are successfully preparing graduates for the future.”

Based on a 1998 survey, Ryerson’s graduate employment rates were average. But, the university’s graduation rate was ten per cent lower than the provincial average.

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