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By Eyeopener Staff

Ryerson’s Academic Council did quite a bit of housekeeping last night at their first meeting since January.

The council didn’t meet in February, and there was a pile of reformatted policies and renamed degrees clogging up their agenda last night.

First was the issue of Ryerson’s policies. An ongoing process to clean up and archive the policies on a website has revealed that, according to council secretary Diane Schulman, “there have been many things over the years that have been listed as policies but aren’t.”

The policy archives often contained, along with the clearly stated policy, reports and minutes of the Academic Council meetings that formed the policy.

“The policy itself is a very simple thing,” Schulman said. “It contains just what the policy is and not views or reports on the policy.”

“We’re just trying to make the list of policies manageable.”

Also on the Academic Council agenda were 11 separate motions to change titles of degrees and certificates offered at Ryerson.

“That’s a continuing process of departments updating their degrees to come in line with the academic council.”

For example, a motion was presented to approve the designation of a Bachelor of Interior Design for students graduating from the school of interior design.

“It’s an attempt (by the council) to get away from applied degrees and towards more professional degrees,” Schulman said.

Until the changes began, all communications and design degrees gave graduates a Bachelor of Applied Arts.

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