Second-year journalism student Julia Louie (centre) was killed in a car accident during reading week.

Photo courtesy Pitman Staff

Rye loses an angel

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On Tuesday, February 26, second-year journalism student, Julia Louie was killed when a car she was travelling in spun out on a patch of ice and hit another vehicle.

Louie was taken to a local hospital with two broken bones and was later taken to another hospital. She died the next morning because of internal bleeding.

She was on her way to London, Ont. with her friends Jocelyn Sweet and Sarah Vermunt, both third-year broadcast students at Ryerson, who are recovering from their injuries.

Louie’s best friend Soeun Outh remembers a friend she calls “an angel.”

By Soeun Outh

Julia Louie was my best friend. She was a second-year journalism student who worked on-campus as an academic peer supporter for Pitman Hall’s ninth floor.

It sounds cheesy to say that “she was loved by all,” but it’s the truth.

Last Tuesday, Julia rode a train to London with Jocelyn Sweet, a third-year broadcast journalism student. Sarah Vermunt, also a third-year broadcast journalism student, picked them up from the train station with her brother.

On the drive back to Sarah’s farm, her car hit ice, spun, and another car smashed into it.

The hospital told Julia’s boss, Lucy Jacupi, that Julia died from internal bleeding after almost two hours of surgery at Victoria Hospital in London.

Sarah and Jocelyn are both being treated for concussions, but they are out of the hospitals. Sarah’s brother wasn’t injured.

No facts can explain Julia without being sugar coated in some way. Julia was a sweetheart. She always had a smile on her face. She was as innocent as a 20-year-old could be.

She ordered mocktails at bars. Her room is scattered with pictures of Winnie the Pooh. She fell in love twice and got her heart broken twice. When Julia loved someone, she didn’t hold anything back. One of her biggest concerns was that she wasn’t being a good friend.

She was the best kind of friend you could have.

Once, I sprained my ankle and could hardly walk. She went to the clinic with me twice, and waited three hours, even though she had an exam to study for.

She ran over to pharmacy get me crutches so that I could go to a concert, and hurried back to go to a hospital with Jocelyn.

Her favourite restaurant was Movenpic Masquerade. We went out for dinner together at least once a week. She was my stress reliever, and my motivation. She always did what she was supposed to do. She amazed me.

Julia is in Victoria now with her parents, Jennifer and Glen, and her older sister Annica.

Her funeral will be held tomorrow. The Ryerson Residence Life staff will be holding a memorial next Friday at the Thomas Baker Lounge, from 2 to 4 p.m.

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