You’re hired, well, sort of

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By Dan McHoull

Uncertainty over looming budget cuts has left many Ryerson program heads unable to commit to hiring new faculty members until next year’s budget is announced in May.

“There have been some ads in The Globe and Mail and elsewhere for faculty positions at Ryerson, but they have included the phrase ‘subject to budgetary approval,’” says Michael Doucet, the president of the Ryerson Faculty Association. “Departments are going to through the motions of hiring people, but the rug could be pulled out from under them.”

Theatre school chair Perry Scheiderman says that until the budget cuts are announced, he has no idea who he’ll be hiring.

“I don’t know if we’ll have to wait until May (when budget cuts will be announced), or we’ll know before then if we have the money to hire tenure-track people,” he says.

Ira Levine, Dean of the Faculty of communication and design, says budget uncertainty is standard at all universities.

“None of the universities (have released information about budget cutbacks), because the government haven’t given us the word about funding for next year.”

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