He’s a sweeper not a keeper

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By Adam Button

Aldo Tari wants to take his soccer shoes out of the 18-yard box.

Playing the worst position in sports has taken its toll on Tari, the goalkeeper of the men’s soccer team.

“I wish they would put me on defense where I belong,” says the third-year keeper. “I can compete on the field as a defenseman.”

Since getting the chance to play defence in his first year, Tari has wanted out of the net.

“I’m doing my best and trying my hardest, but it’s frustrating playing a position I don’t want to play,” he says.

Tari’s frustrations boiled over on Saturday following the Rams 3-2 loss to McMaster University.

The Marauders final two goals summer up the Rams early-season woes — a result of poor goaltending and defense. On the second goal Tari misplayed a ball that was thrown to him leaving a wide open for McMaster to score into.

“I missed it straight up,” Tari says, “but I guarantee that will never happen again.”

The game-winning goal came on a breakaway after a breakdown by the Rams defense.

“I’m sure I could have stopped the third goal if I went through him, but I was restricted because I thought if I did, I might get kicked off the team.” Says Tari.

After getting thrown out of last weekend’s game against Queen’s University, head coach Tony La Ferrara told Tari he will be cut from the team if he is red carded again.

Playing defense isn’t an option either, according to La Ferrara. He said Tari will be the goalkeeper if he wants to stay on the team.

“Players always think they know best,” says La Ferrara. “They want to play here, they want to play here, that’s the way players are.”

Following their 3-0 loss to Brock University on Sunday the Rams record dropped to 0-5.

Ryerson goes up against the University of Guelph next Saturday.

This game is a must win if La Ferrara is going to back up his playoff guarantee.

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