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“It’s not over”

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By Don McHoull

Recently resigned RyeSAC executive Sajjad Wasti says he is considering running for president.

In an interview with The Eyeopener this week, the former vice-president finance and services said he was considering a run for higher office.

“I have thought about it,” said Wasti. “I’ve been considering it in the context of how this would fit in my life.”

Wasti said he had received a lot of support from students, and that a lot of people knew who he was.

“Familiarity is good,” he said. “It brings favour. There are a lot of things I want to shake up, and I will shake them up. It’s not over.”

Wasti said he even has running mates in mind, though he declines to name them.

He also has a platform.

“Major platform issues would be first of all accountability, secondly our own identity,” he said. “Do we have to sacrifice our own identity in terms of becoming totally amalgamated with the CFS?”

Wasti said he thought he would receive a lot of support for his platform.

“Probably similar to the support I’ve got now, which is overwhelming,” he said.

Reaction among students yesterday was mixed.

“He has the courage to speak the truth,” said Mustafa Al-Salman, a second-year electrical engineering student. “You don’t find anyone else like that on RyeSAC.”

Many students though, had never heard of Wasti, while others were unsure what he stood for.

“He can say he’s running for president, but what’s he actually going to do?” asked Jason Samara, a third-year mechanical engineering student. “I have no idea what he’s said.”

RyeSAC vice-president education Ken Marciniec, who had advocated Wasti’s removal from RyeSAC, said he was surprised to learn Wasti was considering running for president.

“He should go for it, I guess,” said Marciniec, who has no plans to run for president. “It’s his right to do so.”

Wasti said he thought he would not have serious problems working with RyeSAC’s managers, who he had previously labelled as “corrupt” and “nepotistic”, as long as they didn’t try to interfere with his agenda.

“Managers are there for a purpose,” he said. “They have to follow that purpose.”

Rob Emerson, RyeSAC’s operations manager, said he would have no problem working with Wasti.

“I was prepared to keep working with him if he had stayed on [as vice-president finance and services],” said Emerson.

Nomination forms for RyeSAC executive and board of directors positions are available at the RyeSAC office.

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