No break for Ryerson Security

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By Eyeopener Staff

While the rest of the campus was on vacation over the holidays, Ryerson security were still hard at work keeping things on campus under control.

On the night of Dec. 19 Ryerson security were alerted to a man who had become incoherent after drinking a good portion of a bottle of Listerine.

Security found the main in distress, and called an ambulance to take him to hospital.

On the night before Christmas Eve, security found a man under a security officer’s car. It was determined the man was attempting to steal the car’s license plates, and he was arrested.

On New Year’s Day, security nabbed three purse snatchers, who were caught emptying out a purse on campus.

Security believe that the three suspects snatched the purse somewhere off campus, and then ran onto campus to divvy up their ill-gotten goods.

The three suspects were held in custody until police arrived. Security officers confiscated a 10-inch knife.

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