And then there were two: prez Candidate drops out of race

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By Andy Lloyd

Business student Vishal Darjo may have dropped out of the presidential race, but lucky for him he won’t have to remove any of his campaign posters – he never put any up to begin with.

Darjo said he wants to graduate this year to pursue employment opportunities outside of Ryerson, rather than run for the year-long post of RyeSAC president.

“I didn’t see myself winning,” Darjo said.

With Darjo out of the race, only two candidates – Dave MacLean and current RyeSAC Vice-President Education Ken Marciniec – remain.

Darjo is throwing his support behind MacLean but he insists that his decision to withdraw was not influenced by either of the other candidates.

MacLean said Darjo’s withdrawal will benefit his campaign.

“Before, there was going to be a split of the business vote,” he said. “Vishal’s withdrawal just adds wind to my sails.”

But his election rival Marciniec doesn’t see Darjo’s withdrawal as very significant to the race.

“I don’t think it affects me that much,” Marciniec said. “He wasn’t really campaigning. He didn’t come to the debate, or put up any posters.”

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