Gym Shorts

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By Yohannes Edemariam

If you want to be physically active this year, there are plenty of opportunities. Intramural games are played in many conventional sports like basketball, soccer, and volleyball. But you could also take up rowing (new to Ryerson this year), fence, do yoga or pilates, learn how to Salsa, and dance to Hip Hop; the list is long.

Sports games can have all the elements of good theatre colourful characters, dramatic scenes, clashes between titans, clowns and humour, moving speeches on the bench or in the locker room, unrestrained joy in the form of victory after a long fight, and sometimes hubris, when the trash talking and taunts of over-confidence lead to crushing and bitter defeat; an account of a match can be a great story.

All that having been said, the eyeopener sports editors need your help. Our request: this column, tentatively titled “Gym Shorts”, will attempt to chronicle the traditionally un-reported aspects of our athletic community.

And so, whether you are a starter on one of the Ram’s inter-university teams or just occasionally show up to an intramural volleyball game or two, we want your stories; anything goeshazing rituals, locker room pranks, ignoble falls (both literal and otherwise), funny quotes, fights, arguments, love affairs, or more serious reflections on what sports mean to youanything.

Just email your anecdotes to and help us start and continue a, hopefully, funny and moving conversation in these pages.

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