Armed robbery hits campusv

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By Melissa Godsoe

A group of students were pistol-whipped in an armed robbery on campus last Friday morning.

The three male victims, whose names have not been released, area all under 22 years of age.

They were walking near Ryerson’s book store at 2:40 a.m. when they were approached by three men and a woman demanding money.

One of the suspects pulled a gun from the waistband of his pants and pistol-whipped the students’ faces and bodies, said police. They took the victims’ money and fled south on Youth Street.

The students were not seriously injured and were not taken to hospital.

According to Constable Mike Hayles, a police spokesperson, pistol-whipping is not uncommon and thieves will use whatever means necessary to get what they want.

“The amount of force used may have been just enough to make them compliant,” he said.

Police are asking for information from anyone who may have witnessed the assault.

Two of the suspects are described as black males, roughly 25-years-old and about 5- foot- 10. The third suspect is a white male about 35 years old, 6- foot- 2 and weighing about 200 pounds. The fourth suspect is a white female about 30 years old, with blond hair and a thin build.

Hayles cautions students to be aware of their surroundings and take precautions while walking late at night.

“I would stick to well lit areas,” he said. “It might be more advantageous to take public transportation, or private transportation like a cab.”

Ryerson security was notified of the incident by the police and are concerned that it occurred on campus.

Lawrence Robinson, manager of campus safety and security, said that because security was only called after the assault, they could not comment on the specifics of the investigation but said that such incidents are not uncommon in the downtown core.

“I think it’s reflective of the area that Ryerson is located in,” he said.

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