Freaky white stripes disappear

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By Michelle Thompson

The two ghastly figures floated onto the stage — bringing with them a strange possession over the audience.

Detroit rock duo the White Stripes delivered a five-star performance at a sold out show last Thursday.

It felt intrusive. It felt like a flashback, 30 years into the past. The audience didn’t come to life until the Dylan-esque number ‘Hotel Yorba’ began.

The White Stripes have taken the underground rock scene by storm. They have been around for years, but exploded into popularity recently after releasing their third CD, White Blood Cells, in 2001.

The band is currently promoting their latest album, Elephant, on tour. Despite their recent success, they paid homage to original fans by cranking out some songs from their three previous albums.

Jack White’s coarse voice possesses the same husky quality that made Janice Joplin’s singing so distinguishable decades ago.

Together, Meg and Jack possessed enough chemistry to energize their entire sound system. They fed off each other for cues, remained perfectly in sync and lit up the stage with their outstanding charisma.

It appeared as though his electric guitar was jerking and dragging him across stage as he wailed out scratchy 70s inspired tunes, bringing the audience to their feet.

Meg thrashed and banged around like an angry kindergartener, but reserved most of her energy for her animated drum sets. She proved to sceptics that she’s more than just a two-bit drummer who scored a lucky beat.

The pale black-haired drummer stepped away from her set long enough to sing a song of her own, “Cold, Cold Night.” Her voice was haunting, as she rarely speaks publicly. She lowered her head bashfully between lines.

The duo finished their set with their latest hit single, ‘7 Nation Army.’ When the show was finished, they promptly disappeared — as though they had never taken the stage at all.

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