Girl wins for fake orgasms

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By Melissa Whetstone

It’s not every day a girl gets pleasure out of a fake orgasm. Some consider fake orgasms a nasty trick, but for second-year Ryerson student Kate Klein they’re a talent.

Klein won the ‘Fake Orgasm Contest,’ at the Everything to do with Sex Show in the SkyDome last week.

The contest, presented by sex store ‘Aren’t We Naughty,’ had three contestants moan their horny hearts out for a chance to win a $200 gift basket packed with sex toys.

As Klein took the stage with two other contestants, she introduced herself in a sexy voice. Playing along, the host of the contest told the audience to watch out, because Kate was going to make them cum. The three girls took their places, each releasing the most believable moans.

Klein used her sense of humour to get the goods. After using a chair as a prop and contorting her body into a variety of positions, Klein had the audience going, in more ways than one.

“It was hysterical,” she said. “I didn’t think about what I was doing, I just did it. I knew that if I used my sense of humour it would win over the crowd.”

The winner as chosen based on the audience’s applause. It was a close call, but Klein ended up taking home the title of ‘Fake orgasm Queen.’

“The ‘Asian Sensation,’ had me worried,” Klein said of one of her opponents. “She went all out. I thought she was actually having an orgasm!”

Proud of her accomplishment, Klein gladly met the awaiting camera crew.

“I just hope this isn’t in any station my parents watch,” she said.

‘Position Impossible,’ another contest, had couples display their craziest sex positions for a chance to win a trip.

There were famous adult performers on site signing autographs, twin wrestling matches, and seminars teaching everything from the proper use of vibrators, to strap-on sex techniques.

From vibrating tongues to bondage beds, the exhibitors sold products to fulfill anyone’s sexual fantasies. Many were in Klein’s gift basket.

“Some of this looks a little intimidating to me,” she said. She was referring to the pink vibrator she received — complete with rotating beads and three different speed settings.

Klein said she had a great time. “I’m glad I came,” she said. And this time, she’s not faking.

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