Rams spiked

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By Melissa Whetstone

The women’s volleyball team waited until the third set to start playing and consequently lost to York University on Friday.

“When one person gets into a rut it affects the entire team negatively. Some people have to realize that if you screw up can’t expect someone to be there to hold your hand,” said last year’s MVP Anj Wilson.

Having been swept in the first two sets — 25-13 and 25-14 — the team displayed a gutsy performance in the third set. Wilson, a second-year journalism student, said it was a result of bad communication and a lack of desire to win.

“We just have to build from last year and win more games,” she said.

According to Wilson, winning is going to take a lot more practice and individual mental work.

Nicole Dubé agrees with her teammate and thinks the game was a purely mental defeat.

“Every girl needs to find it in themselves what it takes for them to step up,” said the second-year journalism student.

Dubé feels that they can only do so much as a team and that it is up to every player to be responsible and accountable for their actions.

Rookie Tara Di Giuseppe is also a firm believer in mental strength.

“We have the skills but we don’t have the mental power and without that, we have nothing,” she said.

In his eighth season as head coach for the Rams, Arif Nathoo thought the defeat was a result of a lack of confidence.

“They thought York was a better team than they are and in their minds they were already beaten,” said Nathoo.

By this time, it was too late for the Rams to recover, which disappointed Nathoo who was counting on securing a win.

“York was a team that we were supposed to beat,” he said.

The team has to work hard if it wants to achieve its goal of making the playoffs.

The team didn’t fare much better on Sunday when it was also swept by U of T.

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