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By Astrid Poei

Ryerson has caused me to master the power squat.

And that’s being generous.

After approval in late October, Ryerson contracted out its cleaning duties to Miracle Maintenance, sweeping CUPE workers to the gutter.

Miracle Maintenance, who was originally responsible for the tidiness of Kerr Hall, now oversees cleaning for the entire campus and doing washroom checks everywhere but Jorgenson.

This week, Dan Batko, CUPE 233 president, complained that he doesn’t see any cleaning miracles around campus bathrooms.

Well Ryerson students won’t sit on it for long.

Joseph Park, president of Miracle Maintenance, says that he has received some complains especially during the winter, but added that his employees conduct quality checks of the premises.

But after my own quality check of campus relief sports, Miracle Maintenance is nothing short of a cheap trick.

No one knows better than Rye washroom patrons that sanitation is going to the crapper. The washrooms are filthy and littered. The soap is best described as “lacking.” Don’t even get me started on what happens when you stick a coin in that tampon dispenser.

But I don’t just speak for the better half. Men’s washrooms are just as bad with toilet paper and newspapers strewn all over the floor. I can’t even begin to describe the smell… but that’s only because I held my breath.

Miracle Maintenance, clean your shit up.

Astrid Poei is an Eyeopener sports editor.

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