Popular poster show torn down

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By Jordan Press

Poster vendor Imaginus won’t be back on campus this semester after the university informed the company it couldn’t use the space it has had for nearly 30 years.

Imaginus, which had scheduled a poster sale this Thursday and Friday, was forced to cancel after learning last week they couldn’t occupy the Metro Credit Union Lounge.

Dan Mark, president of the poster company, said he wasn’t too happy about being informed about the lack of space so close to his scheduled date at Ryerson.

“It’s certainly not ideal,” Mark said. “I’m not sure what’s really going on.”

In late November, director of student services Marion Creery told the Ryerson Arab Students Association they couldn’t hold their forum in the lounge because the university had a new policy prohibiting forums in that area of the school.

Creery said Ryerson was concerned gatherings were disrupting traffic flow through the hallway.

“No one is going to use this space. That you can be assured of,” Creery said at the time.

Those involved with the forum were outraged at Creery’s decision because Imaginus had just sold posters in that area two weeks prior. The RASA requested to see a copy of the university’s new policy on use of the lounge space, but Creery never produced one.

Ryerson bookstore manager Kelly Abraham told Mark the lounge was unavailable because of the construction on the escalators, and needed to remain open for easy traffic flow.

“We were told the space was no longer an option… due to the escalator construction,” Mark said.

However, Creery said she told John Corallo, director of ancillary services, to relocate the event so that Imaginus’ displays wouldn’t block any fire exits.

Creery said there has been growing concern that the flock of people who attend the poster show each semester would cause a public safety issue.

“Events that once fit into [the lounge] are no longer feasible,” Creery said.

Corallo said discussion about moving the poster show started in December, in response to Ryerson’s no-event policy for the lounge. The university made a decision after winter break, but had to call other groups who had booked the lounge.

Corallo didn’t comment as to why Imaginus was called a week before their scheduled visit.

Mark said the Metro Credit Union Lounge was an ideal spot for them because it had such a high flow of students passing through on their way to the Jorgenson Hall cafeteria.

“A static crowd is not what we find to be the best,” said Mark. “In the end, no matter how much advertising we do, [to buy is] an impulse.”

Abraham said the university offered the second floor of the Jorgenson Hall cafeteria as a more adequate area for them to sell their wares.

Mark said it would be inconvenient to have to move, but that he would look into it for future years.

Imagines proposed putting displays on the first floor advertising a sale upstairs, but Mark said Ryerson passed on the idea.

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