Psychic: MacLean will be prez

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By Joel Wass

The president of Ryerson’s Commerce Society will become the new RyeSAC president in 2004, says a Toronto psychic. After seeing a list of potential president candidates, Grand Psychic Ron of Bell and Candle Psychic Boutique on Bloor Street West prophesized that last year’s RyeSAC presidential runner-up, Dave MacLean, will succeed this year in becoming Ryerson’s new student president.

Although MacLean has not officially stated whether he will be running for RyeSAC president, the psychic said the vibrations he felt when hearing MacLean’s name indicated that the fourth-year business student would take the job.

“That’s kind of weird. I don’t know what to say about that,” said MacLean, after he was told the psychic’s prediction. “I can tell you that it is a premature prediction.”

Elections nomination begin this Friday and end at noon on Jan. 23. The actual election will be held Feb. 9, 10 and 11.

Grand Psychic Ron was asked a list of questions concerning what will occur at Ryerson in 2004.

He foretold that Ryerson’s much-anticipated new business building would not begin construction this year, not would its site be officially chosen.

Grand Psychic Ron also predicted Peter Herndorff, the CEO of National Arts Centre in Ottawa, is the most likely candidate to replace current Ryerson University President Claude Lajeunesse following the 2004-05 school year. selection for Lajeunesse’s replacement begins this calendar year.

Although the escalators in Jorgenson Hall have been a black eye at Ryerson for years, Grand Psychic Ron envisioned that they will no longer be a problem following their most recent renovations.

As for the future of Ryerson athletics, the psychic said no teams will come close to winning a national championship this year and that only one or two will advantage to the playoffs.

On the plus side, he also predicted that recently-injured men’s basketball star Errol Fraser will make it back to the court before season’s end.

As his final foretelling, Grand Psychic Ron said the man arrested for masturbating in public at Ryerson on Dec. 16 will be the end of jerks found fondling themselves on campus.

Grand Psychic Ron can be contacted at (416)324-3434 or at

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