Wax on, wax off

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By Christine McAvoy

So what’s your style? Peach Fuzz? Full Bush? The Rug? Brillo Pad? Or are you too one of the “bare all, smooth as a baby’s bottom” lovers?

Recently, major magazines like GQ and Cosmopolitan, have stated the Brazilian wax is out of style. With all the hype that surrounding the muff-grooming wax as it gained popularity, it seems doubtful that the bush is, indeed, back.

Rachel Pantont, a self-proclaimed Brazilian wax expert at TCM Spa on Yonge Street, knows first-hand that the attraction of the wax is not on the decline.

“(Popularity) depends on the season or time of year,” Pantont says. “Like, around Christmas, everyone want sot look their best. Sometimes the men come in too.”

But is it for the benefit of their men that these ladies take on the wax, or do they do it for their own pleasure?

“More often it’s the woman’s partner who prefers them smooth, or asks them to remove the hair,” says Pantont. “But some women do it as a surprise.”

Regardless of how much the Brazilian look makes the boys drool, handing over more than $50 for the job is tough.

First-year nursing student Sarah McCarthy says she is not willing to spend the cash.

“Being at university doesn’t leave you with that kind of money and I think shelling out $50 seems a bit much to impress a guy,” McCarthy says. “Not to mention the pain you have to go through.”

Pain is right. The thicker your hair and the more you have, the more pain you go through.

“Clearly products like Nair are much cheaper and easier, and of course, pain free,” says McCarthy.

So, would guys understand if their girl wasn’t willing to go through the torture just for the “bald eagle” or “young Lolita” look?

“It’s not something that any guy should expect, but if you happen to be with a girl that likes it smooth, consider yourself lucky,” says first-year film student Jon Taggart.

Regardless of whether you are bare below, or possess a budding rainforest, just remember, what guy in his right mind is going to say, “I’m sorry baby, that style just doesn’t work for me”?

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