Butt out, please

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By Jen Gerson

March may be the last month that Ryerson smokers can linger with their butts at the entrances to campus buildings.

Smoking in front of the doors of all Ryerson buildings will likely be acknowledged as a health and safety hazard by the Joint Health and Safety Committee at their meeting Wednesday night. The committee will advise the executive of the university to keep smokers approximately 20 feet away from exits.

While the proposal hasn’t been accepted yet, “In principal [the administration and student services] support this, said Julia Lewis, director of health and safety.

Lewis said that cigarette smoke blowing back through the doors is unhealthy. Second-hand smoke also puts students elbowing through the crowds of nicotine addicts at risk.

Lewis predicts that signs will be posted and people will be informed of the change within a month.

“Security isn’t going to take a direct role in enforcement. We’re encouraging the community as a whole to take a role [in curbing smoking by doorways],” she said.

In the past, smoking has only been discouraged outside of some buildings, like the business building.

While there is a ban on smoking inside any building at Ryerson, the new policy will be first to ban smoking by doorways of all buildings on campus.

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