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Rob Terpstra – Brock Press

Last weekend, the Ryerson women’s soccer team lost 1-0 to the Brock Badgers. But the week before, an even greater offence occurred when they were made fun of by Brock’s campus newspaper.

Here is an excerpt from an article by Brock Press reporter Rob Terpstra:

“The Badgers square off against lowly Ryerson at 3 p.m. at home on Sept. 18.”

Lowly! And it turns out this wasn’t the first time. Toss the phrase “lowly Ryerson” into Google, and it’ll return an eye-popping 32 articles from the Brock Press, eight of which are by Terpstra.

How about this doozy from Terpstra: “The 1-0 victory over McMaster was coupled with a victory over lowly Ryerson the following day, supplanting the Badgers firmly at first place in the division.”

Aside from the hideous misuse of supplanting (no J-school for Brock), Terpstra drops the L-bomb again.

The Press is either lacking a thesaurus or they’ve got some kind of hate on for Ryerson sports.

The Eyeopener went to find out why.

EYE: Why do you think Ryerson is lowly? RT: It’s just a kind of inside joke that the (Brock) Press has always referred to the Ryerson Rams as lowly. It’s something we’ve always done since before I got here. I don’t know if it gives us some kind of upper edge or whatever.

EYE: Uh huh. So did the paper tell you to write that?

RT: No, they didn’t tell me to, but it’s just something we do.

EYE: And your paper can’t come up with a different word than lowly?

RT: That’s just what it’s always been.

EYE: Do you know anything about Ryerson sports?

RT: I know that the women’s soccer team beat them five out of five times last year. The men’s team was undefeated against them as well.

EYE: Did you know our men’s soccer team has the leading scorer in the country?

RT: No, I didn’t know that.

EYE: Yeah, he had four goals last week.

RT: (silence)

EYE: Does Ryerson have any better teams than Brock?

RT: I’m not sure really. We win in soccer, but I think it’s even in other sports.

EYE: How good is the Brock men’s volleyball team?

RT: Men’s volleyball? We don’t have a team.

EYE: So not very good then.

RT: Well if we don’t have a team then you can’t say how good they are. Is there any point to this line of questioning? Am I going to be quoted on this in the paper or something?

EYE: Possibly. Isn’t the only reason Brock’s teams are better because Brock is where you go to be a P.E. teacher? (one of Brock’s largest faculties is Applied Health Sciences, a.k.a. P.E.)

RT: I don’t really think that’s a valid question.

EYE: What’s your prediction for this weekend’s games?

RT: I think they’ll be evenly fought games, but that we’ll come out on top. We’ll win by a one-goal difference. In the end, it turns out he’s a decent guy. Call us lowly again, however, and you’ll feel the wrath Terpy.

Tell Rob how you feel at rterpstra@brockpress.com.

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