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By Jordan Press

The man accused of distributing hateful flyers and posters on campus is out of jail and under house arrest after his mother posted a $25,000 bail last week.

Under the terms of the release, Kevin Haas is not to come near Ryerson unless he is on his way to court or a meeting with his lawyer. Except for when he goes to school and work, he must remain at home.

He also cannot use a computer connected to the Internet. Details of the hearing could not be published because of a court order. Haas refused to answer questions as he walked out of the College Park court Thursday.

“I have nothing to say,” the 21-year-old said as he walked with his mother down Yonge Street.

Haas is accused of putting up hate literature on campus and sending death threats to the presidents of the Arab Students Association and the Muslim Students Association.

He’s charged with seven counts of mischief under $5,000 and two counts of threatening death. He could be tried for hate crimes, but Attorney General Michael Bryant would have to give prosecutors permission to do so. A spokesperson for Bryant said it is unknown if, and when, the attorney general would make a decision on the matter.

During the one-hour hearing, Haas stood in the prisoner’s box, wearing the same black, leather jacket he wore when security apprehended him last Monday, and periodically eyed the public area where his mother sat. His lawyer, Symon Zucker, said the court made the right decision by releasing his client.

“He should have been out on bail,” Zucker said. Haas’ mother Sonia said she would suggest her son write a letter apologizing for anything he might have done. “You don’t have to love everybody in the city, but you shouldn’t cause them harm. “We all have something to bear, but I was a good influence on him,” Sonia said. “All that [he might have done] is not a reflection on me.” She added there isn’t enough evidence to convict her son.

“A lot of things are blown out of proportion,” she said.

When asked if her son’s case was also blown out of proportion, Sonia replied: “To a point.”

Haas will be back in court Nov. 30.

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