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By Meghan Hurley and Josh Swan

If you see brightly coloured posters covering entranceways and stairs at Ryerson, be advised: This space is inaccessible.

RyeACCESS is launching a poster campaign Thursday to spread awareness about the barriers at Ryerson.

The group will label areas of campus that are inaccessible to those with disabilities. “Since most able-bodied people don’t know about the barriers in school, the exercise is an awareness campaign,” said Saburah Murdoch, events coordinator for RyeACCESS.

“We have been around the school once already and realized that most of the buildings … are pretty inaccessible.”

The poster campaign comes on the heels of the province announcing new legislation that will force all buildings to be accessible within 20 years. This bill will see that results are achieved every five years or less.

Murdoch said she was happy the government has proposed a new bill intended to make life easier for Ontarians living with disabilities, but she doubts that they’ll act on it.

“The Ontario government has never kept any of its promises,” she said.

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