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Eyeopener Staff

Ryerson President Claude Lajeunesse said last week the university is not worried about being sued over the destruction of Lake Devo.

Last week, the Devonian Foundation, a major donor in the park’s birth, said it was disturbed the university would violate a contract to keep the urban park intact. Ryerson is removing boulders on the south side of Lake Devo to make way for the new Continuing Ed building.

While there was a contract, it had a limited term and Ryerson gave the Devonian Foundation warning of the park’s impending changes, Lajeunesse said. “We don’t believe that we’ve violated the contract. We believe that we’ve abided by the contract, we’ve followed all the provisions and it is our view that this was not done for superfluous reasons,” he said.

“We probably would not have done that if we had not needed the space.”

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