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By Jen Gerson

Varsity athelets are pumped for the RAC referendum.

They say it will bolster the quality of sports, school reputation and RAC access for non-varsity students. “I’ll be voting for it because it’s a great thing for all the students,” said Vlad Matevski, a guard on the men’s basketball team.

“Right now we’re sitting at the bottom of all the universities. Where we stand is low. More money will go to coaching.” Lukas Porosa, a setter for the men’s volleyball team echoes that sentiment.

He says it’s important for students to look beyond the initial fee increase and think of the future of the university. “It’s definitely going to benefit sports. Once we start winning, teams will have more resources, travelling and recruiting,” Porosa said. ”

Schools that are competitive are taking sports seriously.” But Szymon Wierdak, the libero for men’s volleyball, says that the money will benefit more than just the athletes.

“If you know the details you’ll see that it’s not only for varsity students but for normal students too. Everyone will have better access to the RAC…there will be no lineups so it’ll be great,” Wierdak said. “The RAC needs it and it will be a luxury for the students because it will improve the facilities,” said Matevski. “It helps the athletics department because we’re the number one ambassadors to the school,” said Nicole Dube, women’s volleyball libero. “We’re not paying enough as it is.”

Miruna Muller, a third-year social work student and a former women’s basketball player who now works as a customer service representative for the RAC, said a Yes’ vote would benefit more than just facilities.

“RAC is the biggest employer of students. There would be an expansion of jobs here.

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