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By Rosa Park

At a time when most term papers and projects are due, students were frustrated last week that computers were down in Ryerson’s busiest computer lab.

Thirteen out of 72 machines were turned off last Thursday pending upgrades for their motherboards (the main circuit board in a computer) after computers suddenly shut off on some students.

Renee Lemieux, head of computer services, said the motherboards started to fail in many of the computers over the last month. The manufacturer sent replacement parts and technicians spent the last week making repairs. The last ones were fixed Monday. With so many computers out of order, the lab was packed.

At least 10 students were waiting for a sign of anyone getting up.

Marsha Samuel, a fourth-year Public Administration student, was one of the unlucky ones.

“I have been waiting for 15 minutes,” said Samuel, who was in W71 to type up an assignment last Thursday.

“I’m just waiting to race over when I see someone get up from their seat.”

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