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By Amanda-Marie Quintino

Dishes served up in the Hub cafeteria’s home zone-a kiosk that serves up home-style meals-have gotten really tasty recently, and they will only get better, says Peter Schneider, director of food services at Ryerson University.

A brand-new menu has been put in place, making diverse meals, ranging from Mexican burritos to chicken jambalaya readily available to students. “Ryerson is the most diverse university in Canada, so the food should be diverse, too,” said Schneider.

Since student demographics change yearly, Ryerson Food Services has decided to adapt and provide students with food they enjoy. The Food Services team came together to modify the home zone foods menu in order to spice things up and add ethnic flavour.

The new menu was developed not only to feed the multi-cultural Ryerson community, but also to give students some more variety in their day-to-day meals.

“It’s always the same thing,” said Trevor Chaput, a first-year Nursing student and Pitman Hall resident. “Because we have to use up the money on our meal plan, we definitely do need more kinds of food to choose from. Otherwise, us students are bound to get sick of it before the year is over.”

The change will be felt in more than just the home zone. The entire menu has been modified, from what is served at Pan Geos, to the soup of the day selection.

Residents of Pitman Hall will also be able to choose from the new menu soon, said Schneider. Students should be noticing more express items like pre-packaged salad and pasta dishes this coming week, he said.

Also, Food Services is starting up a website that students can use to find out fat contents, calories, and nutritional value for all meals. The website will be up and running soon.

“For Ryerson food, it’s a step in the right direction,” said Mitch Creasey, a first-year Business Management student, after being informed of the menu modifications.”Everybody likes variety, everybody likes a change.”

Ryerson Food Services’ intention is to continue to improve the types of food available to students on campus.According to Schneider, this is just the beginning. “We have to cater to the students’ needs,” said Schneider.

“We have to remember who our customer is and realize that if it weren’t for the students, we wouldn’t even be here.”

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