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By Kerry Wall

Dexit has been in discussions to merge with Ryerson’s One Card, according to RyeSAC’s vice president of finance.

“I believe the One Card will contain Dexit now,” said Derek Isber, when asked whether the electronic payment service would replace the One Card.

A new Dexit refilling station first popped up in the beginning of the winter term. The kiosk at JOR 04 took over the former home of the Ryerson One Card office, and bumped their operations next door to JOR 02.

Last semester, One Card office manager Greg Toews told reporters about the possibility of combining Dexit’s services with the One Card. Dexit tags function similarly to the One Card in respect to purchasing meals. These prepaid cards allow students to purchase food around campus with a swipe. Still, One Card officials say it’s too early to know for sure whether the card will feature Dexit.

Ryerson ended its contract with the company last fall after students complained about their salesmen’s recruitment tactics. “We were accused of being overly aggressive,” said Mike Rutherford, Dexit’s vice president of marketing, adding the company left campus to avoid confrontation. Company reps won’t be returning to the Podium student lounges and Rutherford said Dexit isn’t “in acquisition mode” this time around.

There haven’t been any problems at Ryerson, said Isber. “If they maintain that low-key presence,” he said, “I don’t think we’ll hear about it.”

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