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By Grant McDonald

The Lakehead University Thunderworlves beat both the men’s and women’s basketball teams this Saturday, extending each team’s losing streak.

Ryerson’s women led early in their game, until Lakehead adjusted to contain Rams’ centre Tamara Alleyne-Gittens, who led the Rams with 27 points.

“It was a disappointment. I put everything I got into it, so I was just hoping that everybody else would be on the same page,” Alleyne-Gittens said.

Foul troubles by the Rams (3-9) allowed Lakehead to pull ahead and secure the 68-59 victory. “I think we just need to play smart by not making fouls when they’re not needed,” Alleyne-Gittens said.

Coach Sandy Pothier said poor offensive execution led to the team’s ninth consecutive loss. “We were having some problems knocking down shots from the outside,” Pothier said.

The Rams couldn’t stop Lakehead’s Tara Boyce, who scored 33 points. “I think we just didn’t do a good enough job containing her,” Pothier said. The men’s team remains winless in the regular season after falling 65-54 to the Thunderwolves. With only 18 points at halftime, the Rams offensive performance was disappointing.

Assistant coach O’Neil Kamaka was uninspired with the men’s performance Saturday night. “I think it looked like we’re not in great shape, so we just have to keep running them, keep getting them in shape, whatever it takes to get their stamina up to play a 40-minute game,” Kamaka said. The Rams’ top scorer was rookie Brandon Krupa, who had 14 points.

Krupa, who last month was named Male Athlete of the Week, earned a spot in the starting line-up in just his first year out of high school. This game adds another loss to the Rams’ winless regular season record.

The team did get its first win, 91-71 over Sheridan in a holiday tournament. “We have to keep conditioning defence, just drilling it over and over and over, they have to play defence the whole game,” Kamaka said.

Both teams play away games this weekend against the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks.

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