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Student Centred
Rebecca Rose Candidate: President Program: Journalism, third-year Quote: “I want to see RyeSAC truly listening to students, hearing what they are saying and acting on it. And I mean all students.” Nora Loreto Candidate: VP Education Program: Journalism, second-year Quote: “Students have been ignored this year. We want RyeSAC to listen to students again. We will be acting in the best interests of the students and not on our own pride.”
Ram Sivapalan Candidate: VP Finance and Services Program: Information Technology Management, fourth-year Quote: “We want to make RyeSAC (an) accountable, transparent, responsible student union.” Alam Ashraful Candidate: VP Student Life and Events Program: Retail Management, third-year (International Student) Quote: “My platform is to organize all student group events on campus.”
“Your Voice, Your Ryerson”
Cristina Ribeiro Candidate: President Program: Computer Science, fifth-year Quote: “Listening to students… RyeSAC should be a lot more proactive when it comes to gauging new ideas and how students will feel about [them].” Zeeshan Gauba Candidate: VP Education Program: Information Technology Management, third-year Quote: “We need to bring accountability to faculty [to] make sure students are getting high-quality, affordable, accessible education.”
Mike McKenna Candidate: VP Finance and Services Program:Business Management, fourth-year Quote: “We do have some great services people aren’t aware of. We need to bring the information [to students].” Dorota Sobocki Candidate: VP Student Life and Events Program:Business Management, fourth-year Quote: “Home is a place where you live, work, and play and it’s time to make Ryerson home to students.”

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