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By Rumor Jones

Julie sat anxiously in her seat, twisting her long tanned legs in anticipation for the break.

Here she was in Chemistry 101, supposedly listening to her teacher, Mr. Carlson, recite boring mathematical formulas, but her mind was elsewhere. She smiled to herself, recalling how her girlfriends called this class Cocksucking 101–and for good reason.

She glanced at her teacher and felt a slight tingle in her private areas. She always looked forward to his class so that she could stare at his chiseled jaw, shiny white teeth and strong masculine hands.

He was the type of man that made girls squirm with excitement from just looking at him. He had this animal-like sexuality and with charisma that made him irresistible to his students. She glanced at him across the room and thought about fucking him. Just by the look of his strong hands she concluded that he had a huge swollen cock.

She licked her voluptuous lips in anticipation. Julie knew exactly what she was going to do at the break. She spent hours masturbating herself to orgasm thinking about her teacher. She wanted to feel his thick cock inside of her, fucking her like crazy.

She wanted him to pull her long chestnut hair while sticking his cock in her from behind, from the front, on her side and every possible angle. Fucking him could feel like having a staircase banister inside of her. In and out. In and out.

The sudden movement of students getting up from their chairs cut through her naughty thoughts. She waited for the class to be empty before walking up to his desk. “Mr. Carlson, could you please go over my test? I think there might be a mistake in the marking,” she purred.

He nodded in her direction and leaned over his desk, staring at her test. Julie sat down with her legs slightly open. From his angle, Mr. Carlson had a great view of her white flimsy panties and lush tanned legs. She hoped the wetness from her slit wasn’t showing through her panties. She tried to catch his eye and he smiled at her.

Daringly, she caressed her thigh and buried her middle finger deep inside of her. His eyes danced with excitement. She started to stick her other finger inside of her. If he wasn’t going to initiate the whole fucking thing then she was. Her pussy was so wet and throbbing, she couldn’t wait to be fulfilled.

He quickly brought his pinkie finger and rubbed it against her aching clit. The hard rubbing of his finger against her delicate skin was explosive. He looked at her with his fuck-me eyes and moved closer to her pussy.

He was about to eat her out and stick his tongue in her gaping hole when there was a knock on the door. They’d have to continue another time.

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