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By André Voshart

The Centre for Computing and Engineering building seems to be possessed with the spirit of Euro Disney as the problems keep coming for Ryerson’s new addition.

Despite blue circular markings touting Wireless Internet Zones in the new Centre for Computing and Engineering, students can’t access the Internet supposedly available in the west hallways of the building.

“It blows,” said Amanda Vasquez, fourth-year Aerospace Engineering student. “It doesn’t exist.” Ryan Hader runs the aerospace course union, and said the lack of access affects the ability to complete schoolwork. ”

Some of our projects are online research,” he said. “All our (class) notes are online. Supposedly it is in some of the lounges, but we don’t have access to it.”

Students have questions, but answers are not forthcoming. “If you ask questions, everyone tells you the same thing,” Hader said. But Bruce Piercey of university advancement explained that students aren’t getting poor Internet signals because the wireless features are bad.

Rather, it’s because there aren’t any wireless signals at all. “If they’re getting access right now, it’s not because of any wi-fi points in the building-there actually aren’t any,” he said, adding that though it was the intention to have the service up this year, the infrastructure wasn’t in place at the time.

“I’m very disappointed that this is not working yet, but it will work by this summer and by the fall, and this problem will be resolved,” assured Ryerson President Claude Lajeunesse.

NetReady is a wireless connection that allows students with laptops access to the Internet. It is available in over 20 locations in buildings around campus.”Everyone is blaming everyone else.”

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